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Getting to know your tools: Firebug

Posted on July 17th 2010 by Joel Deutscher

FirebugI have always enjoyed introducing people to tools that I find really helpful, and one such tool is Firebug. While this Firefox plug-in has many great features, the one that interests me the most is the Net Panel. This tutorial is targeted towards a performance tester. This simple scenario aims show you how Firebug can not only give you a better understanding of the application under test, it can also help you write better scripts.
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Web Browser Comparisons Explained

Posted on June 19th 2010 by Joel Deutscher

A comparison of some popular web browsers by Joseph B. on OS X Daily.

web browser comparisons explained

While I always appreciate a good bashing of Internet Explorer, and I have seen Firefox get bogged down with too many plug-ins, there are a few that I highly recommend.

And when using high-resolution monitors,  I always install NoSquint.

LoadRunner not accepting cookies on HTTP 302 redirect

Posted on May 25th 2010 by Joel Deutscher

cookiesI recently came across a problem with trying to record a login to a website. After posting my login credentials, I received a 302 redirect that contained several Authentication cookies. Unfortunately, LoadRunner was not recognising the cookies and the subsequent page redirected me back to the login page.

As login was obviously working in the browser, I recorded a clean session using the fabulous Firebug. Now that I was able to directly compare the HTTP headers. It quickly became evident that the reason was that LoadRunner wasn’t reading the entire 302 Header. Time to pull out Firebug.
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