Are pilots taking performance testing off the critical path?

Posted on June 25th 2010 by Joel Deutscher

A trend I am seeing in solution delivery these days is piloting. With piloting, New functionality can be slowly ramped up in production, or more importantly, ramped down when problems occur.

This detaches performance testing from specific release dates. Essentially the application is regression tested with all new functionality disabled, reducing the amount of testing required to go live. New functionality can be switched on after adequate testing.

As testing has always been the accordion in the SDLC band, making a lot of noise as it’s time line is squashed, this is probably a good thing.

Personally, I am a fan of this style of development. I have seen too many organizations push ahead with releases regardless of testing coverage. This approach allows project managers, vendors and stakeholders to achieve their launch dates without the front page horrors.

About the Author

Joel Deutscher is an experienced performance test consultant, passionate about continuous improvement. Joel works with Planit's Technical Testing Services as a Principal Consultant in Sydney, Australia. You can read more about Joel on LinkedIn.

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